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Alpine Meadows- Real Estate for Sale Silverstar Ski Resort

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Explore Alpine Meadows

Welcome to the Attridge ski zone, the VIP section of Mountain Bliss! Brace yourself for views that will make your eyes do a happy dance in every direction – it's like a 360-degree happiness extravaganza!

Now, imagine this: Alpine Meadows, where dreams of building your own Silver Star Mountain Resort home come true. Ski to your doorstep, and take a leisurely stroll to the Village – it's the kind of life Ski Pioneers were claiming dibs on back in the 1950s. Now, it's your turn to shine like the snow queen or king!

Lots & Homes La-La Land:

Lot Features: We're talking slopes that are more fun than a rollercoaster. Views? Oh, just the Slopes, Village, and Okanagan Valley showing off.

Lot Sizes: Ranging from a cozy 6,028 sq.ft. to a whopping 22,300 sq.ft. – because size matters when you're building your mountain haven.

Home Sizes: Minimum footprint? A cute 700 sq. ft. All lots are ready for a 1,500 sq. ft. Footprint and 3-level homes – the more levels, the more mountain magic!

Neighbourhood Bylaws & Strata Shenanigans:

Strata Fee Inclusions: Hydro for common area and street lights, grooming of the skiway (because a well-groomed skiway is a happy skiway), vegetation control, snow removal, sanding, and strata liability insurance for common areas. It's like having a ski concierge, but better!

Suites: Legal suites are the cool kids on the block.

Pet-Friendly: Furry friends are not just welcome; they're practically the mayors of this mountain paradise.

Parking: Just don't park on the access routes – we want smooth ski-ins and ski-outs, not ski traffic jams.

Rentals Rodeo:

Rental Policy: Zoned for nightly rentals – because your home deserves to be as popular as the best ski party in town. Plus, legal suites can join the Optional Rental Program for extra flair.

Rental Management Company: Silver Star Central Reservations is the party planner for your home – mandatory, but trust us, they know how to throw a bash!

Resort Fee Roundup:

SSRA – SilverStar Resort Association: Join the club! All property owners are automatically members. Annual fees? Yep, if your property is strutting its stuff in the rental world.

So, grab your skis and your sense of humor – it's time to make Alpine Meadows the backdrop of your laugh-out-loud mountain tales! 🎿🏡✨

alpine meadows_edited.jpg
  • Get ready for the ultimate ski shenanigans with our "Ski-in, ski-out" extravaganza!

  • Picture this: your personal express lanes, aka Christmas Bowl and the Alpine Meadows Chair, are your trusty chariots to slope glory. It's like having Santa himself escort you to the winter wonderland!

  • But hold on to your snow hats because the fun doesn't end there – we're talking a walk to the Village Centre that's shorter than your cousin's attention span at family gatherings. It's so close; that you might accidentally ski into the bakery for a mid-slope snack.

  • Embrace the ski-in, ski-out lifestyle, where the slopes are your playground, and the Village is your après-ski party central! 🎿❄️🏡

Important Points About The Alpine Meadows Neighbourhood at Silverstar Ski Resort in Vernon BC

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  • Attridge ski zone

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  • 360-degree happiness extravaganza

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  • 1950s

  • Lots & Homes

    • Slopes

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    • Lot Features

      • Village

      • Okanagan Valley

    • Lot Sizes

  • Neighbourhood Bylaws

    • Strata

    • Strata Fee Inclusions

      • Skiway

      • Vegetation control

      • Snow removal

      • Sanding

      • Strata liability insurance

    • Legal suites

    • Pet-friendly

    • Parking

      • Access routes

  • Rentals Rodeo

    • Rental Policy

    • Nightly rentals

    • Optional Rental Program

    • Rental Management Company

      • Silver Star Central Reservations

  • Resort Fee

    • SSRA – SilverStar Resort Association

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