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The Ridge - Real Estate for Sale at Silverstar Ski Resort in BC

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Explore The Ridge at Silver Star.

Buckle up, folks, because we're about to spill the beans on The Ridge – Silver Star Mountain Resort's coolest neighborhood since 2006! Picture this: perched on the North Ridge, just a hop, skip, and a jump from the Village. It's the ultimate VIP spot with ski-in, ski-out access from not one, not two, but three chairlifts! If that doesn't make you do a little happy dance, we don't know what will.

Now, let's talk views – we're not talking your average backyard scenes. We're talking Monashee Mountains, Okanagan Valley, the twinkling lights of the City of Vernon, and lakes that shimmer like they're auditioning for a talent show. Get your sunglasses ready; it's about to get dazzling up in here!

Feeling inspired? Good, because it's time to pick your lot and start building the castle of your dreams. And by castle, we mean your dream home – but hey, dream big!

Lots & Homes Extravaganza:

Lot Features: We're talking sloped lots with views that will make your morning coffee taste even better.

Lot Sizes: Ranging from .14 to .46 Acre (approximately). Because who wants a postage stamp when you can have a mountain-sized canvas?

Pet Friendly: Furry friends, rejoice! The Ridge is pet-friendly, because who doesn't love a neighborhood with a wagging tail?

Parking and Rentals Fiesta:

Parking: Stick to the zoning rules, and you're golden. No rocket science, just common sense.

Rentals: No obligation here. Short-term rentals are like the cool kids at the party – totally allowed.

Rental Management Company: No obligations, no strings attached. We like to keep things easy-breezy.

Roads: Purcell Drive and Cathedral Drive – your ticket to cruising around The Ridge in style.

Resort Fee Extravaganza:

SSRA – SilverStar Resort Association: Join the club! All property owners are automatic members. Annual fees? Yep, if you decide to throw your property into the rental ring.

Oh, and just a heads up – the complimentary bus service doesn't swing by The Ridge. You're on your own for that grand entrance, superstar!

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into The Ridge, where the views are breathtaking, the lots are sloped (in a good way), and the fun never stops! 🏔️✨

For the most accurate and current information about The Village at Silver Star, including real estate options, amenities, and developments, it's recommended to check with local real estate agents like Chalet Sean, the official Silver Star Mountain Resort website, or the local municipality.

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  • Get ready to strut your stuff in the ski wonderland with our fancy "Ski-in, ski-out" extravaganza!

  • Your chariot awaits at the Alpine Meadows Chair, Chris Cross, Split Decision, and Attridge Run Out, not to mention the grand Silver Queen Chair.

  • Two skier overpasses are like red carpets for your skis, making 'ski from' service as easy as pie.

  • But hold your snowflakes, because the fun doesn't stop on the slopes! Take a leisurely walk to Brewer's Pond for some frosty fun on skates, hit up Tube Town for a wild ride, or amble over to the Village for the ultimate après-ski shenanigans.

  • It's not just skiing; it's a snow-packed fiesta of fun! 

Important Points About The Ridge Neighbourhood at Silverstar Ski Resort in Vernon BC

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    SSRA – SilverStar Resort Association

  • Complimentary bus service

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